DAISIN group consists of 2 companies : DAISIN CO., LTD. and
    DAISIN CO., LTD. was established on June 24, 1979 by joint venture  between
Mr. Manoj Leekomolchai and NISSIN KOGYO CO., LTD.'s President Mr.Miyashita.
At first,   the company was named DAISIN KOGYO CO.,LTD.  ,was established at Samutprakran  province  to manufacture brake components for  motorcycle,  there
were 5 employees.  Afterward,  the company was moved to Navanakron Industrial Estate, Pathumthani, in 1983 in order to support the aluminium die cast automotive parts manufacture.  After that,
       in 1985 Established M.N. INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. for brake lining manufacture.   
       in 1986 Established KWANGKIT INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. for                        pressing the auto parts.
       in 1988 Established DAITEC CO.,LTD. to produce thhe jig Fixture                        and the parts for make and maintenance die.
       in 1990 Established ALCAST CO.,LTD. for Gravity Die Casting of                        automotive parts manufacture. And established NISSIN                        BRAKE SYSTEM CO.,LTD. for the motorcycle brake                        parts manufacture by Gravity Dai Casting
       in 1994 Established the factory to suranaree Industrial Estate,                        Nakhonratchasima.
    From the operating bussiness, there is the growth continuously. We havei nteg-
rated all companies remain 2 companies: DAISIN CO., LTD.  and NISSIN BRAKE
(THAILAND) CO.,LTD.  to  be  able  to  manage  the business well  fittingly on july
27, 2000.

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