We  are  one of few manufacturers  whose Research & Development Department
is capable to design new product by using CAD,  CAM  and CAE.  The product which
we are proud of is "Parking Hand brake". We can also produce mold, jig, fixtures and
machine to use internally. Moreover, that our R&D Department can design production
line by salecting  hi-technology machines,  equipments and  effective process for best quality product.

Capacity of factory
     Casting Machine
HP D/C135T-350 T 57 Units
HP D/C500T-800 T 14 Units
Gravity D/C 37 Units
Low Pressure D/C 9 Units
Barrel 21 Units
Shot Blast 14 Units
Buff 61 Units
TC 166 Units
NC 79 Units
Original Machine 54 Units
Manual Painting 1 Unit
NC 1 Unit


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